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ESG & Sustainability
Brand Consultancy &
Marketing Agency 


About us


ESG and Sustainability Brand Consultancy and Marketing Agency

GO Natural is a brand consultancy and marketing agency committed to promoting ESG and sustainability. We specialize in organizing wellness outreach events for healthcare organizations, bringing together experts and corporates to enhance employee well-being and promote corporate wellness, all while prioritizing environmental and social responsibility. Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses to embrace a sustainable and natural lifestyle, contributing to a healthier planet and society.

At GO Natural, we go beyond traditional marketing and PR. We support organic foods, clean beauty, natural home care products, and dietary supplements brand owners who share our dedication to ESG principles. Through strategic campaigns, we help these brands amplify their message of healthy living while ensuring they adhere to sustainable and ethical practices. By promoting these ESG-focused brands, we aim to create a positive impact on public wellness and foster a greater sense of social responsibility.

We firmly believe that sustainability is a fundamental pillar of success. In collaboration with our clients, we develop eco-friendly strategies and practices that align with ESG goals. By integrating environmental considerations, promoting social inclusivity, and encouraging transparent governance, we work towards building a future where everyone can enjoy a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Together, we can make a difference and pave the way for a greener, more socially conscious world.


Our mission is to be an active participant in creating a healthier and environmentally conscious world. By helping our clients succeed, we act as a catalyst for positive change.

Our mission


Our work
Ecostore Hong Kong, clean beauty, ecostore laundry liquid

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Dee-Ann Prather, Down Under Enterprises, Australia

"I have worked with Yvonne Chang in Hong Kong to identify buyers of bulk essential oils in the Hong Kong market. Yvonne has successfully introduced us to excellent contacts in Hong Kong. I have found Yvonne to be well connected in the natural products industry and a person of high integrity. It has been a pleasure working with her and we will continue to work with her in the future."

Dee-Ann Prather, Founder, Down Under Enterprise, Australia

Amarjit Sahota, President, Ecovia Intelligence, United Kingdom

"We have worked with Go Natural for many years now, and are very happy with the services they provide. Yvonne and her team are knowledgeable, responsive and highly professional. They are our preferred partner in Asia!"

Amarjit Sahota, President, Ecovia Intelligence, United Kingdom

ecostore Hong Kong

"Go Natural Marketing has been an excellent partner in our search for innovative marketing ideas in the Hong Kong market over the past four years. Yvonne Chang is a wonderful person to work with, full of passion, knowledge and endless patience! Her team is efficient and helpful. In a joint effort are looking forward to taking our business to the next level and we look forward to many more years of cooperation."

Martina Shaw, Director, Shawganic Ltd, Hong Kong

Arlene-Frances Wu, Health Concept, Hong Kong, 伍雅芬

"Go Natural Marketing is everything we were looking for in a PR agency: friendly, efficient, easy to work with and truly passionate about getting results! Special thanks to Ms. Yvonne Chang for all her help and support!"

Arlene-Frances Wu, Founder, Health Concept, Hong Kong

RenGuangDo Hong Kong 仁光堂茶花籽油

"It has taken RenGuangDo almost 10 years to find this perfect partner in PR, not only is the team professional with heart, their consultative approach to effectively and efficiently win on ROI is unmatched by any others! Specially thanks to Yvonne and  Prince, they are really helpful, responsible and responsive working partner!"

Samantha Pow, Director, RenGuangDo, Hong Kong

Alan Cartlidge, Founder, Handmade Naturals, United Kingdom

"In very difficult and competitive markets it's important to have the right team who can help to build a business and a brand. Go Natural have been an excellent team member over the past three years that we have worked with them. Their inputs have always been carefully considered and very professional and just as importantly, they have been a pleasure to do business with. We're looking forward to working with Go Natural in the future for the development of our band in various Asian Markets."

Alan Cartlidge, Founder, Handmade Naturals, United Kingdom


Our team
Yvonne Chang, Go Natural Marketing & PR Co Ltd



Yvonne has been in the natural products industry for more than 15 years, which makes her an experienced resource and partner who knows the natural and organic marketplace like a few others. 

Prior to founding GO Natural in 2011, Yvonne held the position of general manager at the Asia Pacific headquarters of the US-based B2B media company, Penton Media/New Hope Network. 



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