We are dedicated to providing various services to you who are seeking for new business opportunities in Asia.  

Market Engry Strategy Consulting


We have been in the natural product industry long before it became mainstream in Asia which sets us apart from other consulting firms that know a little or nothing about the market, your company and your competitors.  We know what works and what don’t work for your company.  We will help you position your brand so that the potential local importers/business partners know why they should choose you – rather than your competitors.  What works in your home country doesn’t mean it works in Hong Kong. 

Import Regulations and Compliance 


Product classification, safety and labeling requirements vary in different countries and regions. Do you know if your products are classified as food, health products, supplements or drugs in Hong Kong?  We provide consultation on product classification, food labeling and pharmaceutical product registration for you.

Distributors Wanted Program


Export and distribution to a new market can be a challenge. Finding the right overseas distributor can help your company reduce costs in terms of time to market.  A local distributor who has an understanding of the local market, import regulations, preferences of buyers in your sector, will be an invaluable means of building overseas market exposure from ground up.  We offer customized business matching services for international brand owners/manufacturers who want to find sole distributors in Hong Kong.


To find sole distributors in other Asian regions, please join the Overseas Distributors Wanted Program provided by Natural Beauty Buyer’s Guide.  Click here to find out more.

Total Solution to
Trade Show Organizers


We were trade show organizer and we speak the same language.  For any new exhibitions, conference, business matching events and other events that will take place in Hong Kong, we provide a total solution to overseas organizers to make their events a big success.


  • Exhibitors recruitment

  • Buyers invitation / delegations

  • Seminar on local regulations

  • On-site networking event

  • Retail store tour