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WHY US?  ​

We have been in the natural product industry long before it became mainstream in Asia which sets us apart from other firms that know a little or nothing about the your brand, your sales channels, your target consumers and the media.

We know your natural products. How many times are you frustrated after spending valuable time briefing your current marketing and PR firm on your company direction, products’ uniqueness and competitive edge, but they seem to miss the point totally? We have been in the natural product industry long enough to see what works and what doesn’t. We will help you position and promote it so that the target customers know why they should choose you – rather than your competitors.

We know your sales channel.  Natural products are sold through diverse channels, including supermarket, department stores, natural product specialty shops, healthcare practitioners, and directly to the consumer through online sales.  We know what makes for success in each of these channels and will tailor your project accordingly.

We know your consumers. As the natural product industry has flourished, consumers have more to choose from, and knowing how they make their choices becomes critical. We organize our own events to the general public in Hong Kong that enable us to supply you with an accurate field guide to what they need and why they buy.

We know the media.  Because you are so different, you need to talk to us who have the passion, expertise and knowledge to communicate to the media your unique value and point of difference of your healthy message.